Debby Petrosky, Debbie Harn, Linda Yohe and Connie Watkins

Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, 
both traditional and contemporary.
                                              In Ecclesiastes 3 verse one it says, "There is a time for everything,
                                    and a season for every activity under heaven."  In this season of her life,
                                    our dear sister in Christ, Linda Yohe, has made the decision to "retire" from
                                    Shepherd's Voice.  As she said to us, "the decision was made with much
                                    thought and a lot of prayer."  As difficult as it is to see her retire from
                                    Shepherd's Voice, we understand the decision she has made.  

          We, Connie, Debbie and I (Debby) will not be replacing Linda in our group for we feel she is irreplaceable.  We will continue on as a trio.  We truly will miss her sweet voice and loving spirit that has blessed so many lives as we have, using a quote from Linda, "shared our Jesus with you."  It has been a true joy singing beside her these past 17 years.  We know that God will continue to bless her richly and that His favor will be upon her.

          Linda, thank you for serving God with your beautiful voice and being our dear friend for all these many years singing with Shepherd's Voice.  You never truly retire from doing God's work.  You are just on a new journey down this road we call life.  We love you dear friend!

                                                                                         Connie, Debbie and Debby

A Shield About You

              I love how we can stumble onto the messages in songs that stir our hearts to deeper thinking.

          I've been playing through our church’s Celebration Hymnal in an effort to keep my brain active and fingers working. A pianist I'll never be but playing at the piano is enjoyable. I came across a good number of unfamiliar hymns with great messages. One in particular caught my attention recently.  It's titled A Shield About Me. (#709) It has a lovely melody and a simple tune yet the words seemed odd to me. We just don't talk that way today.  

Thou, O Lord, are a shield about me; You're my glory, 
You're the lifter of my head. Hallelujah!

          The first part I got, but that "lifter of my head".… what does that mean? The hymn's text is Psalm 3:3... so I started looking. 

          The Lord walks ahead of us to shield us from what’s to come. He is a shield in the face of our enemies, those things that lead our devotion away from the Lord. Those things that are here today and gone tomorrow. Those things without eternal value, lacking a solid foundation in the Lord. He lifts our heads high in the presence of our enemies. His shield and presence delivers us in our times of need and despair. When we claim His shield, its power and authority, the love with which He raises that shield protects us and guards our paths. The Lord gives us courage to hold our heads high, to see the cleared path, and to move forward. 

​          With our acceptance of the Lord’s shield about us (around us), we can move forward, ready for our daily battles, confident that we are on the Lord’s side and He is holding our heads high. He holds our best interests in His “ Sound the Alarm” posture. His arms can shield us from anger, gossip, addictive behaviors, feeling of unworthiness, haunts from past sins, and on and on. You insert what applies to you. He lifts us up and provides strength and grace for each step in our days. He gives victory and restores courage.

          Shields are used for defense. The Lord is always acting in our defense and leading our offense, for His glory and our good. Hold your head high. See the clear path He is preparing for you. Take shelter behind the shield of God. Live forever in His protection, His faithful love, His truth and His promises for they will guard you forevermore. 

          See what the words of a simple hymn can do for you. My guess is they'll draw you closer to God.

Psalm 3:3 – But You, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, 
the One who lifts my head high. (NIV)