Picture 1:  Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins.  Picture 2:  Connie Watkins, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Debby Petrosky
Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, both traditional and contemporary.  
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 Anthem at the Washington Wild Things game on Saturday, 
September 5.  Come out and join us for a fun evening at Consol Energy Park.  

Jesus Will Meet You There

We’ve all heard the statement “I'll meet you over there.”  Well, I got to thinking , where is “there?"  Or better yet, what is “there?"  So I looked it up and the word “there” has many definitions and uses. 

It can mean a point or location, or even a point in an activity like “stop there before you get hurt.”  When a child gets hurt we say, “There, there, it’s ok”and we use it as a comforting word; a show of support. 

Have you ever used it as a substitute for a persons name by saying, “Hi, There.”?  And when someone tells us about something we also have experienced, we say, “Yeah, I've been there.”  What I discovered is that “there” is not always a specific place or thing like PNC Park or the front door or a pot hole in the road. 

A new song we are working on is titled “Jesus Will Meet You There."  It tells us that no matter where we are or what we are doing or going through, Jesus will meet us there. We don't have to step into a specific place or travel to a specific location like a church to meet Jesus. He is always “there," always right where we are, ready to walk through life with us. If we think we have to have all of the things in our lives lined up and shiny clean to be good enough to meet Jesus, we are terribly wrong.  Jesus wants to meet us right where we are with all our struggles, heavy hearts, addictive behaviors, concerns and unworthiness. 

Why does He want to meet us, to come to us, when we are so…”us?"  Because He loves us and because He too was a human and experienced life and what it deals us in the same way we experience life. So He KNOWS and He gently tells us; Call me and I will come to you…come right where you are and meet you THERE so you don't have to walk it alone.  

Let Jesus be your companion. 

My friends, Jesus will meet you there!