Picture 1:  Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins.  Picture 2:  Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins, Linda Yohe, Debby Petrosky

Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, 
both traditional and contemporary.

                 What If They Hadn't Run?

                                   I've often wondered how we would have learned about the kindnesses of Jesus, 
                                   His healings, His miracles, His God-given knowledge of divine truths if the 
                                   people of Jesus' time hadn't run.  Say what?  For example, how would we know 
                                   about the woman at the well if she hadn't run back to town to tell about Jesus' 
                                  offer of living water?  (John 4)  Or the empty tomb?  How would we know about that if the women who visited Jesus' tomb on the third day after His brutal crucifixion hadn't run back to tell the disciples about finding it empty  (Luke 24)  And Peter, a disciple, having heard but 
not believing their words, ran to the tomb to see for himself.  (Luke 24)  That same day, after two of Jesus' followers had their eyes opened to the visible, "standing right there in front of you" truth of Jesus' resurrection, got up at once to return to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples.  (Luke 24)  I imagine their excited feet ran part of the way back, hearts pounding, long faces lifted, don't you? 

            So much running in the Bible:  crowds ran towards Jesus for healing (multiple references); a father ran toward his lost prodigal son as the son approached on the horizon (Luke 15); Martha ran to meet Jesus when her brother Lazarus died (John 11); the earthquake that caused the prison doors to open after Paul and Silas prayed and sang to God produced such trembling fear in their jailer that he ran inside the jail, fell down before Paul and Silas and asked what he must do to be saved (Acts 16); David ran towards the battlefield to meet Goliath (1 Samuel 17); Jonah literally ran away to avoid doing the job God called him to do but later obeyed God's calling (Jonah 2); people ran towards Peter and John after they'd witnessed the healing of a lame man (Acts 3).  Oh, there are so many more runners to share.

             Much has been passed on to us because people ran to tell the good news of Jesus.  The intensity of the news was worth the run.  Generations have received the word of God's love, grace and power because someone was willing to run the Word forward.  What shape are your running shoes in?  Will the next generation benefit and be saved by your feet?