Picture 1:  Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins.  Picture 2:  Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins, Linda Yohe, Debby Petrosky
Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, both traditional and contemporary.
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​                                                                       Changing Seasons    

I can’t believe that summer is over already and autumn has officially arrived. Where did the time go?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were applying lots of sun screen and sipping ice tea? Well, considering the fact that this summer had more than its fair share of above average temperatures, I must admit I am enjoying the cooler nights with the windows open instead of being closed in with the AC running. 

The change of seasons that we experience is truly a gift from God. In fact, His presence can be seen everywhere… in the changing of the colors of the leaves, in the coolness of the evenings and yes, even in the shortened daylight hours. God shows His existence in these every day occurrences. Some people take these things for granted, even giving “mother nature” credit for the beauty of this Earth. But God’s word makes it clear. “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” John 1:3 (NIV). If you ever need a reminder that our Lord loves and cares for us, just look around...  trees, flowers, rolling hills, blue skies and golden sunshine.  What a beautiful "home" He has provide for His children.  How awesome is our God!

So, now that the sun screen is put away and the ice tea will be replaced with apple cider and hot chocolate, remember to be still and ponder the wonders we see right in front of our eyes. Enjoy the beauty of His creation and be blessed by the knowledge that our God has all of nature in His control.