​From left:
Picture 1 - Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins
Picture 2 - Connie Watkins, Debbie Harn, Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe

Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, 
both traditional and contemporary.

The Least of These...

          We recently had the opportunity to sing for a group of adult mentally challenged campers at an area Christian camp and retreat center.  We had discussed with our contact person just what type of songs these campers may like to hear.  It was decided that we would sing faster, up-beat songs, some of which would be familiar to the campers, plus do a few Bible action stories with them.  Encouraging these men and women to get involved was our goal, so we attempted to choose songs that would enable them to sing along with us and to do movements along with the Bible stories that were read.  

          To say that this was one of the most enthusiastic groups we have EVER sung for is a definite understatement!  The joy and happiness they expressed from hearing us sing songs that they knew and were encouraged to sing along with was overwhelming to us.  They smiled... they laughed... they clapped... they were on their feet... It was truly an evening of praise and worship like we have rarely seen.  It was also an evening of great blessings, not only for these dear campers but for us as well.  My heart was so moved by the simple and pure worship that I saw there!  Oh that our own church services could be filled with such joy and enthusiasm for our Lord.  

          I couldn't help but think that these dear campers could be considered among those that Jesus referred to as "the least of these."  Shouldn't we as believers in Jesus seek out opportunities to help and serve those who are less fortunate than we?  Shouldn't we strive to be a blessing to others and show them the love that Jesus has already shown us?  If we express Christ's love and compassion to others, we not only bless them, but we in turn are also blessed.  Let us thank the Lord for leading us into situations where He can use us for His honor and glory!


‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

                                                                                Matthew 25:40