Picture 1:  Debby Petrosky, Linda Yohe, Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins.  Picture 2:  Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins, Linda Yohe, Debby Petrosky

Shepherd's Voice is a Christian women's quartet specializing in sacred music, both traditional and contemporary.


 Meet Our Sound Crew

                           Mike Petrosky has been with Shepherd's Voice for a long time helping with not only                             operating our sound equipment but also working hard at loading, setting up and re-                            loading all of our equipment.  Mike is married to Shepherd's Voice soprano Debby                             Petrosky.  

                            Wayne Harn  too has been assisting Shepherd's Voice for a lot of years helping                             with loading/unloading and set-up of our equipment.   He also assists with operating 
                            our sound.  Wayne is married to Shepherd's Voice second soprano/alto Debbie                             Harn.   

                            Richard Strothman recently jointed Shepherd's Voice in 2015.  He has been running                             sound for various singers and groups, including professional, well-known 
                            performers, since he was a teenager, and he is well known and respected for his                             expertise in southwestern PA and far beyond.

We are pleased to introduce our awesome sound crew to you!  We have been remiss in not including more about these great guys, so please read on to learn more about each member of our crew.  The Lord has truly blessed us with each one of these men, and we are thankful for their faithfulness, their comic relief and willingness to be there for us.  Thank you Mike, Wayne and Richard!