Debbie Harn, Connie Watkins,              Sound Crew:  Mike Petrosky and Wayne Harn
                Linda Yohe and Debby Petrosky                                 

The birth of Shepherd's Voice came at an unplanned and unexpected moment, at least from the human perpective.  It was January 2005 and once again it was time to take down the Christmas decorations at our church, Riverview Baptist, in New Eagle, PA. 

While we worked together, some contemporary Christian music was being played to help lighten the task.  Unprompted, we began to sing, blending our voices together into various vocal parts.  Realizing that our voices harmonized beautifully together and that we each complimented one another's talents, we felt that God had planned that particular moment, calling us to come together as a vocal ensemble.  So, stepping out in faith, we decided to pursue this calling and see where the Lord would lead.  

Starting out with six members, and later that year becoming known as Shepherd's Voice, we currently are a four member ensemble, still listening to the voice of our Lord and Shepherd, and taking His message of forgiveness, grace, love and joy to others in song.